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DAVINCY HYDRO250 25kW PELLETSKAMIN samband med centralvärmeanslutning
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DAVINCY HYDRO250 25kW PELLETSKAMIN samband  med centralvärmeanslutning
Davinci  Hidro
Price: SEK26,922.50 (SEK21,538.00 excl Moms)

central heating kit: central heating kit (+ SEK2,500.00)
colour: white sidepanelsred sidepanelsantracite sidepanelsbeige sidepanelsceramic finisch (+ SEK625.00)



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The stove is designed for burning pellets in a small percentage of pits and dried maize in a mixture with pellets.

Almost the entire part of the thermal power of the fireplace is concentrated in the water jacket of the heating main coolant-water. A too small part of power radiates from hearth. This power through infrared radiation and convection can warm the room in which the fireplace is located.

Pelletskaminer " DA VINCI " är konstruerade och tillverkade enligt de senaste moderna koncept för uppvärmning med biomassa , den största respekt naturen och miljön och samtidigt underlätta för användaren , med tanke på den höga värmevärdet per volymenhet av bränsle , dess utmärkta transport , den minsta mängd av sot och aska vid förbränning och sist men inte minst - separation av minimikvantiteter av skadliga gaser vid förbränning och även miljövänlig produktion .

Pelletskaminer " Da Vinci " ger termisk komfort med minimal tid för service . De är främst avsedd för användning i stadsmiljöer , där portering och förbränning av trä eller kol är obekvämt , besvärliga eller förorenande . Förbränningsprocessen körs automatiskt , utan att kräva kontinuerlig övervakning och / eller lastning . Förvaltning och underhåll av förbränningsprocessen sker med hjälp av inbyggda mikrosystemetlevereras från elnätet och konsumerar obetydlig mängd el .

Pelletskamin " Da Vinci " är avsedd för uppvärmning av villor , lägenheter, kontor , produktionshallar och andra liknande föremål med värmeförluster 5-25 kW .

Kaminen är en modern , högeffektiv och miljövänliga medel för brinnande pellets ( pressade flis ) . Värmesystemet är med forcerad cirkulation av värmevatten och tillåter användning av både öppna och slutna expansionskärl .



Pellet stoves “DA VINCI” are designed and manufactured according to the latest contemporary concepts for heating with biomass, the utmost respect nature and the environment and at the same time facilitating the user, given the high calorific value per unit volume of fuel, its convenient transportation, the minimum quantity of soot and ash in combustion and last but not least – the separation of minimum quantities of harmful gases during incineration and also environmentally sound production.

Pellet stoves “Da Vinci” provide thermal comfort with minimal time for service. They are designed primarily for use in urban environments, where porting and combustion of wood or coal is inconvenient, cumbersome or polluting. The combustion process runs automatically, without requiring continuous surveillance and/or loading. Management and maintenance of the combustion process is carried out with the help of embedded microcomputer system supplied from the mains and consuming insignificant amount of electricity.

Pellet stove “Da Vinci” is intended for heating of family houses, apartments, offices, production halls and other similar objects with heat losses from 5-25 kW.

The stove is a modern, high-efficiency and environmentally sound means for burning pellets (pressed wood chips). The heating system is with forced circulation of the heating water and allows the use of both open and closed expansion tanks.


Pellet stoves “Da Vinci” are manufactured in three different with different power:

  • DV 140 AIR (small-14 kW)
  • DV 140 HIDRO (small-14 kW)
  • DV 180 HIDRO (median-18 kW)
  • DV 220 HIDRO (large-22 kW)
  • DV 250 HIDRO (large-25 kW)

The two latest different have the same external dimensions. The action and the way of management and use of the three models is the same.


The main fuel, which uses the stove, Pellet, but can also be used dry pits, as well as dried corn. The pits and corn can be burned in small relative amounts, up to a maximum of 15% of the mass of the main fuel and mixed with it.


The process of burning is controlled using the built-in electronic system.

At the top of the stove is located in command box to set the current parameters of combustion and control of the combustion process. The command box is part of the microcomputer system, control of the stove.

Electronic management system consists of two blocks: display, located in the rear part of the upper decorative lid Fireside and managing block, which is located on the bottom base inside the fireplace. The two units are connected to each other with the necessary information and power lines.

The electronic system performs the following tasks:

  • define, select and maintain the power of the stove;
  • powered and operated motor for the venting of the combustion chamber;
  • powered, manage and monitor the correct operation of the motor drive mechanism, screw conveyer;
  • monitor certain internal temperatures in the stove and when they exit outside the predefined tolerances generates appropriate corrective actions;
  • protecting and providing safety of shafts stove in incorrect handling of user;
  • submit appropriate messages in exceptional events leading to errors in the work of the stove;
  • provides a programming service of the combustion process.


The power of the stove can be changed in nine grades ranging from 1 to 9. Each level of power is associated with a flow of air that ventilates the combustion chamber, the low rate is that in 1st grade, and the highest in 9th grade. Provision of prescribed flow-rate is accomplished by changing the speed of rotation or the power of the drive motor.

In order to achieve a power of the stove, it is necessary to burn a certain amount of pellets per unit time. The increase in power is achieved by increasing the quantity of fuel supplied. The fuel is fed through the periodic rotation of the screw mechanism that transports the pellets from the hopper to the combustion chamber.

The Auger is driven by electric motor with reducer. Operation of the engine is periodic, with two phases: stroke and pause. The move is depending on the degree to which working stove. The power is changed by changing the time during which work the Auger mechanism. This program can be adjusted for an unlimited number of times on request, with a view to optimizing the process. The experience and knowledge of the manufacturer indicated that the optimal ratio of capacity between the 1st and 9th grade moves from 1: 5 to 1: 6, which in most cases is completely satisfactory. The construction of the stove allows the receipt of greater ratio (up to about 1: 7), but it is tied to the quality of the pellets.

The command box is located at the rear of the top decorative plate on the stove. Its purpose is to implement the switching on and off of the stove, start and stop the burning process, setting up and management of all the functions, as well as servicing of the stove.


The electronic system is designed to work with the minimum possible cost of electricity using modern element base and cutting-edge technical solutions. Thus is the stove adds to the energy saving systems and apparatuses.

The electronic system is designed so that it can ensure the trouble-free continuous work of the stove on 24 hours a day within the heating season – 6 months.

When the network voltage operation of the stove is suspended, if it is not equipped with a cigarette lighter and a weekly programmer. If the network voltage is established the stove in position. To recommence its work must be lighted again.

Dependence on the presence of mains voltage is an advantage in terms of safety of operation. Since dropping the network voltage circulation pump in the heating Highway stops operating if the stove continue to work, would have created the conditions for overheating of the water in the water jacket and repeatedly increasing pressure due to the steam phase. In this sense, the dependence of the network and the suspension of work in the absence of mains voltage can be regarded as a defensive feature of the stove.

The system provides the required custom features-measuring, set, monitor and maintain the desired temperature in heated premises, able to compile user programs for work of the stove at the power level or the value of the temperature in the day time zones, and also for the current week.

DV 140
DV 180
DV 220
DV 250
Maximum value of the effective rated output
Rmax (grade 5) – a water jacket/Home
14/ 1 kW 14/ 1 kW 18/ 1 kW 22/ 1 kW 25/ 1 kW
Maximum constructive regulating ratio Pmax/Pmin (grade 9-grade 1) 1: 6
Minimum temperature of the water 30 ± 2°С 30 ± 2°С 30 ± 2°С 30 ± 2°С
Maximum temperature of the water 80 ± 2°С 80 ± 2°С 80 ± 2°С 80 ± 2°С
Temperature of the water in which the electronic protection excludes unconditionally stove 87 ± 2°С 87 ± 2°С 87 ± 2°С 87 ± 2°С
Quantity of water in the water shirt 20 dm³ 26 dm³ 30 dm³ 30 dm³
Maximum working pressure in the water shirt 2 bar 2 bar 2 bar 2 bar
Width of the stove 55 cm 55 cm 58 cm 58 cm 58 cm
Height of the stove 95 cm 95 cm 100 cm 100 cm 100 cm
Depth of the stove 60 cm 60 cm 66 cm 66 cm 66 cm
Weight of the stove 70 kg 90 kg 105 kg 120 kg 140 kg
Fuel consumption 0,7 ÷ 3.2 kg/hour 0,7 ÷ 3.2 kg/hour 0,7 ÷ 4.0 kg/hour 0,7 ÷ 4.6 kg/hour 0,7 ÷ 5.2 kg/hour
The diameter of the smoke flue shall be checked 80 mm
The amount of pre-accession nozzles 1 “
Minimum draught of the chimney 15 Pa
Volume of ashes 1 dm³
Supply voltage ~ 220V ± 10%
Consumed electric power from the supply network 100 W
Class of protection against defeat by electric current in BS 63/1-90 1
Level of internal protection IP 21


DV 140 DV 140 
DV 180 DV 180 
DV 220 DV 220 
DV 250 DV 250 
Maximum value of the effective rated output Största värde för nominell effekt 
Rmax (grade 5) – a water jacket/Home Rmax (klass 5) - en vattenmantel / Hem
14/ 1 kW 14/1 kW 14/ 1 kW 14/1 kW 18/ 1 kW 18/1 kW 22/ 1 kW 22/1 kW 25/ 1 kW 25/1 kW
Maximum constructive regulating ratio Pmax/Pmin (grade 9-grade 1)Högsta konstruktiva reglerförhållande Pmax / Pmin (årskurs 9-grade 1) 1: 6 1: 6
Minimum temperature of the water Lägsta temperaturen i vattnet  - 30 ± 2°С 30 ± 2 ° С 30 ± 2°С 30 ± 2 ° С 30 ± 2°С 30 ± 2 ° С 30 ± 2°С 30 ± 2 ° С
Maximum temperature of the water Högsta temperatur på vattnet  - 80 ± 2°С 80 ± 2 ° С 80 ± 2°С 80 ± 2 ° С 80 ± 2°С 80 ± 2 ° С 80 ± 2°С 80 ± 2 ° С
Temperature of the water in which the electronic protection excludes unconditionally stove Temperaturen på vattnet där det elektroniska skyddet utesluter obetingat spis  - 87 ± 2°С 87 ± 2 ° С 87 ± 2°С 87 ± 2 ° С 87 ± 2°С 87 ± 2 ° С 87 ± 2°С 87 ± 2 ° С
Quantity of water in the water shirt Mängd vatten i vatten skjortan  - 20 dm³ 20 dm ^ 26 dm³ 26 dm ^ 30 dm³ 30 dm ^ 30 dm³ 30 dm ^
Maximum working pressure in the water shirt Maximalt arbetstryck i vatten skjortan  - 2 bar 2 bar 2 bar 2 bar 2 bar 2 bar 2 bar 2 bar
Width of the stove Bredd på spisen 55 cm 55 cm 55 cm 55 cm 58 cm 58 cm 58 cm 58 cm 58 cm 58 cm
Height of the stove Höjd på spisen 95 cm 95 cm 95 cm 95 cm 100 cm 100 cm 100 cm 100 cm 100 cm 100 cm
Depth of the stove Djup av kaminen 60 cm 60 cm 60 cm 60 cm 66 cm 66 cm 66 cm 66 cm 66 cm 66 cm
Weight of the stove Vikt av kaminen 70 kg 70 kg 90 kg 90 kg 105 kg 105 kg 120 kg 120 kg 140 kg 140 kg
Fuel consumption Bränsleförbrukning 0,7 ÷ 3.2 kg/hour 0,7 ÷ 3,2 kg / timme 0,7 ÷ 3.2 kg/hour 0,7 ÷ 3,2 kg / timme 0,7 ÷ 4.0 kg/hour 0,7 ÷ 4,0 kg / timme 0,7 ÷ 4.6 kg/hour 0,7 ÷ 4,6 kg / timme 0,7 ÷ 5.2 kg/hour 0,7 ÷ 5,2 kg / timme
The diameter of the smoke flue shall be checked Diametern på rökkanalen skall kontrolleras 80 mm 80 mm
The amount of pre-accession nozzles Mängden av föranslutningsmunstycken 1 “ 1 "
Minimum draught of the chimney Minsta utkast av skorstenen 15 Pa 15 Pa
Volume of ashes Volym av aska
Availability: normalt Leveranstid 10 dagar
Weight: 120000 gr


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